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Freight Costs

Dimensional Weight
Actual Weight
Freight cost is determined by the higher of the Actual Weight and Dimensional Weight rounded up to the nearest pound. Packaging is factored into these weight approaches. Dimensional weight is: Length x Width x Height (in Inches) / 139.

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Charges you can expect to included in the overall cost are:

Bahamas Customs Duty

Bahamas Customs Duties, VAT & Fees (which vary based on the item and cost)

New Providence
Small Air 0-7lbs $15.99
Medium 8-15lbs $1.99/lb
Large 16lbs and over $1.55/lb
Ocean 1-349lbs $1.00/lb

$20 minimum fee Up to 5ft

Pallet 350lbs + $350.00 Ocean Freight Up to 5ft

Same Day Shipping

$40 - Same day

To receive same day shipping you have to request it by 10AM and your package must already be logged into our system.

Next Day Shipping

$25 - Next day

To receive Next-day shipping you have to request it by 12PM and your package must already be logged into our system.

Commercial Customers

Commercial clients please inquire for commercial rates.

Oversized Items

Any box or item weighing over 99 lbs will incur an oversized order fee of $25.

Bahamas Customs Processing

Customs charges a 1% processing fee on the cost of your items plus VAT (12%) on the processing fee. A Bahamas Customs documentation fee of $25 will be added to any shipment valued over $500.

Us Export Fees

In line with US Customs' regulations, we charge a Shipper's Export Declaration (S.E.D.) fee of $35 for any shipment valued over $2,500. Shipments valued over $2,500 are held by US Customs for 48 hours.

Purchasing/Credit Card

5% - 15% of the value of the order or $10 (whichever is greater)

Fork Lift

$15 1st pallet and $12 each additional pallet

Vip Pick-Up & Drop Off Delivery Rates

Ft. Lauderdale