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iSLAND tRADERS Shop & Ship offers a great logistic service. We strive to offer the best solution for your shipping and purchasing needs without compromise.

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We does consolidate your orders

Consolidation is the process of combining multiple orders into one so all of your packages will be shipped together ...

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We does bring in ya tings BONDED

iSLAND tRADERS recognizes the challenges businesses face to bring in their items BONDED. We handle all of your ...

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We does store ya stuff

If you or someone you know are travelling to South Florida, you can now pick up your stuff up from ...

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We does buy tings

NO credit card or computer? We will be your personal online shopper! Stop by and show one of our ...

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We do customs brokerage

iSLAND tRADERS SHOP & SHIP is a one stop shop. We don’t let our clients waste their time and ...

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In order to have the customs DUTY and VAT waived on applicable items, please upload a copy of your completed and stamped Consolidated Tax Relief form along with your invoices.

(N.B.) VAT is still charged on services provided.

For more information please call: (242) 352-3330 OR

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