Product ETA

When will my tings reach?

Regular Shipping
If ya tings reach your Unit at the USA warehouse before 12pm on any business day & you have uploaded your invoices to your account before your stuff reach your Unit, only then will ya stuff reach Freeport in 2 business days. Now consolidated shipments take 3 business days to reach.

If ya tings reach your Unit at the USA warehouse 12p.m. , then they are logged in our system as reaching the following business day and you will receive them in Freeport 2 business days after the day it was logged in our system.

By the way, if you take your own sweet time and upload your invoices after your tings reach your Unit, then your stuff will reach in Freeport 3 business days after you upload your invoice and you will be penalized a $3 no invoice fee. So to avoid any delays or unnecessary fees, please upload your invoice immediately after placing your orders online.

Next-Day Shipping
Sometimes you may need ya stuff as soon as possible so we have made that available with our Next-day shipping option. If you request Next-day shipping before 12pm, you will receive your tings the Next-day. Now if you request Next-day shipping after 12pm, your request is logged in our system as being made the following business day and you will receive your stuff in Freeport the Next-day after your request was logged. By the way, when you request Next-day shipping, we ship everything you have in your Unit… everything. Please be sure to upload proper invoices so we can ship ya tings. Please be reminded that there is a $15 fee for Next-day Shipping and be sure to upload your invoices with the required tracking number so we can facilitate your request for Next-day shipping (Yinna didn’t know we could speak proper English aye…lol).